Roasting Citrus

Roasted vegetables are even better with some citrus roasting beside them. Meyer lemons, limes, blood oranges, all of these and more benefit from some heat, salt, and oil. How about some grapefruit? Isn't it just begging to be turned into sweet and salty goodness?

The pics above and below are of a meal I'd made by combining roasted lemons and blood oranges with potatoes and delicata squash, some olive oil, and salt. Then those items were combined with mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and tofu that had been marinated in black soy sauce and sweet chili sauce which were also roasted. Then the whole thing was topped with toasted delicata seeds which were seasoned with chili pepper, black and white sesame, dried and ground orange peel, basil, and Sichuan pepper.


One of these days I need to discover why my potatoes came out so small this year, but for now I'll just focus on how great they tasted alongside some roasted citrus, sautéed sweet potatoes, and crab legs.

Small Potatoes

Just preheat your oven to 350 or 400 degrees (it's all about your time. 350 gives you more of it to work on your main dish, 400 is hustle mode) and coat your citrus and vegetables in olive oil. When things are about halfway done, hit them with some salt and whatever other seasoning(s) suit you.

Below I had roasted oranges and Meyer lemons along with potatoes, garden fresh beets, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts and served them alongside sautéed beet greens and sweet potatoes and Meyer lemon, rosemary, and basil-brined roast chicken. An easy, quick, and delicious dinner.

Get roasting, Chowbaccans!


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