The 2015 NoSirs: Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Potato Chip Suggestions

Inspired by the trailer park classic dish tuna fish and cheese, these chips will eliminate the tiresome chore of actually mixing tuna fish and cheese, thereby leaving more time to devote to trimming one's toenails on the couch while watching The View.

Just the thought of this flavor made me so shiftless that I didn't bother to do a decent screen capture of the bag. Now hush up and fetch me some Pepsi an' Skittles. Whoopie's talking.

As near as I can tell, Pepe is either José Andrés food truck or a chain of Mexican restaurants. If you've ever licked a food truck or a chain restaurant, you know what you're in for with this boldly nonsensical flavor.

Michelle should have called this one "Sober Up, Michelle". Does she mean cough "syurp"? Sad.

Apparently they have some great LSD in Richmond, Virginia. That, or Josh A is the genius behind KFC's Famous Bowels, er, Bowls. Either way, Richmond has a lot to answer for.


I'm curious to know why harper k had ranch and crab and cheese and ranch close enough for this "happy accident" to occur. An abomination. Crammingthenamealltogether like that is certainly eye-grabbing, though. Yeesh.

Fish sticks and ketchup? Why not medical waste? Are you six?


I don't believe that this is the right forum to share the pain of that same crappy lunch that your mom packed for you every miserable day of your horrible and sad elementary education. Seek professional help.

Desmond M, you are truly the king of the drunks. "livermush an syurp" Michelle could learn something from you. This is surely a flavor so good you'll want to hurl so that you can eat more. A triumph, good sir.

Lastly, a flavor named for the contestants' opinion of me.

Until next year, let's hope that none of these ideas get Layed. You can find more threats to your palate at the Lay's Do Us A Flavor site.


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