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My Turkey Turners (Ike and Tina)
If you ever need to shred some pork quicker than a fork, use your turkey turners. You know, those giant forks that only get used once a century? They work just as well as those pork pulling unitaskers and they make what used to be a unitasker into a multitasker. Right? Right.

Tasty Hippy Fuel!
While Lev's Original is still my favorite, I've had to make my own kombucha here in The County of Orange. When I'm not making my own I either have done without or have tried one of the varieties available outside of the SF Bay Area. The other day I tried this MASTER BREW stuff. It's good. It's real good.

If you ever want to mess with your dinner guests' heads (and who doesn't?), plate some green beans to look like phony characters from a language other than English and make up some b.s. meaning for them like "the way of the rooster is boring" or the nonsense of your choice.

Just some guacamole. Move along.

This thing. You know when you're short on time and you have some ingredients that need to be used and you try that thing that pops into your head? Sometimes it turns out like this. It was ugly, but it tasted good. Eggs, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes ... how bad could it be? Right?

Fennel will assimilate your garden. Resistance is tiring.

Other blogs only show you the pretty pretty before shots. At Chowbacca! we're BOLD enough to show you the after. In this case it's the remains of the best shrimp and grits I've experienced. Available Thursdays at Mollie's Famous Cafe. They make a fine pancake too.

It's nice out. I'm off to have wine and cheese in the sun. That's all of this for now. Ciao, bacca!


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