21st April 2015: Something Old, Something New

I boiled up some hand rolled macaroni in broth and water for myself and the roommate to use for meals for the day.

I took some roasted vegetables out of the fridge and sautéed them with morels, tossing some pasta and a small pat of butter. Once heated through, I added a couple tablespoons of heavy cream and a few tablespoons of the pasta boiling water to make a light cream sauce.

I tossed in sliced leftover hanger steak at the last minute, just to barely warm the steak up.

Here is my savoy cabbage sauerkraut experiment, about 3 days in.

It's quite bitter, fermentation has not yet taken hold of the salt water solution.

I'm hoping as the acidity level rises in the brine that most of the bitterness will cook out of the cabbage.


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