Beer and Wine News

Here are a few things I've enjoyed lately:

I'd picked this wine up in Carmel a while back and finally got around to having some. Big, juicy, plummy. Get some and make your own damned tasting notes.

This Flemish Sour Ale was good, but not nearly sour enough for my taste. That said, it's still dandy.

Ommegang! Ermahgerd! Derlercious!

Pictured above is a ... like ... seven dollar bottle of wine from Trader Joe's. Why do people spend more on everyday wine? It was yummy.

This Wookey Jack from Firestone that I had at Whole Paycheck did indeed pair well with their yummy fish tacos. Have I mentioned that I *HEART* fish tacos?

BELL'S? ON THE BEST COAST? One of my loves from my Ohio days, here? It's true. I'm told by a friend that Kalamazoo, MI's own Bell's is now available in San Diego, CA and has apparently made its way a tad north. I'm loving it. Welcome back to my mouth, Bell's Brewing!

Remember: Friends don't let friends drunk-dial mom.


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