A Splash of Noir and Note To Self: "Check the Post Title Before Hitting Publish, Jerk"

Sorry for the various nonsense titles that you might have seen for this post. Sometimes the title gets missed. Soooo ...

... recently, I've been messing about with combinations of lentils, quinoa, and rice of various colors. Here, I'd combined black rice and beluga lentils (both cooked in white miso), for a tasty splash (this is that time that I needed white plates or black plates for it to disappear into). It worked great with the teriaki tofu, corn slathered with umeboshi paste, watermelon, and a mini salad dressed in extra virgin olive oil from California Olive Ranch and a passion fruit vinegar.

I've also combined white jasmine rice with some leftover beluga lentils from this meal for a nice contrast, and green lentils and red cargo rice made a pretty, (no, not "Christmas-y"), side too. Sure, it's a couple of extra dishes at the end of the meal, but for flavor and nutrition it's good to mix it up.

Red Quinoa, Red Rice, and Green Lentils


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