Mistakes Were Made

This? Not a Mistake.

Home cooking isn't fast food. While heat-and-eat has the convenience factor, it's also ... well, I don't have to tell you, Chowbaccans. That (not) said, time constraints can sometimes lead to the desire to take short cuts, and at times those short cuts can lead to some unfortunate cooking errors. While I pride myself on learning from the mistakes of others when I can, here are a couple of my own.

Oh, the pic? It gives me something to feel good about in the face of all of this "suck".

"Sixty-Six Million French People Can't Be Wrong" Department:

Let's make one thing clear. You can't make hollandaise sauce in a blender. Well, maybe I can't. I was pressed for time and I tried, following to-the-letter a recipoo. If some over-salted yellow goop had been what I'd been looking to serve over rainbow trout and roasted potatoes,  I'd be sore from patting myself on the back. Instead ... BOO ... three wasted egg yolks among other ingredients. Just use a whisk and deal, people. Sixty-six million French folks, and all that stuff. *Sigh*.

"You Can't Feel Heat Through Rubber Gloves, Dummy" Department:

I'd been freezing peppers for a while in anticipation of making sriracha. I had collected two pounds of jalapeƱos, habanero, Thai hots, and others that I'd been hoarding from the garden and the farmers' market. The thing is, I'd gotten into a hurry to knock it out and wasn't paying attention when the frozen pepper paste hit the jar I'd sterilized and had thought was sufficiently cooled. Nope, the same rubber gloves that were protecting me from the pepper juices were not giving me a realistic evaluation of the jar's heat. "Crack" goes the jar, dumping my peppers into the sink. Back to the beginning I go. *BIG sigh*

Be ye warned. Let's be careful out there.


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