Wasatch Brewing's Jalapeño Cream Ale

Jalapeño Cream Ale? Yes, Please!

In these waning days of the "let's make everything taste like sririacha", I'd thought that I would be over gimmicky hotness in both food and beverage. Yet, preparing to order a pulled pork sandwich in one of the few places in its home state of Utah where it is available, I was drawn to Wasatch's Jalapeño Cream Ale. Perhaps it was because I have enjoyed so many of their other offerings in the past, but, whatever the reason, I had to try that beer.

It's no joke. It's not a gimmick. It's a truly great glass of beer. It's not so hot that you can't taste your food or feel your tongue, but it has a nice jalapeño bite. Combining the heat with the cool taste of cream ale was a good decision. It was smooth and refreshing and spicy all at once. I'm a fan. Get some if you can. At the moment it is in limited release in Salt Lake and Park cities, Utah.

Oh, and their Evolution Amber Ale is dandy too, and more available.


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