Radler Me This

A radler, or shandy, is defined by Wikipedia as a 1:1 concoction of beer and sparkling fruit juice, typically lemonade or some other fruity soda. While Wikipedia is sometimes not the most trustworthy source of information on the web (insert your favorite source of biased information here, be it NewsMax, Mother Jones, reddit, HuffPo, Food Babe or answers.yahoo.com), I trust that they are telling me the truth this time because nearly every bottle or can of radler I have encountered says so right on the label.

I know, you are asking yourself: "beer and soda? The folks at Chowbacca must have gone quite mad indeed."

Indeed we have, for the heat of this summer has cooked my brain and robbed me of whatever sense I may have been holding on to for dear life like an inflated plastic child's toy one might use in a cool, cool swimming pool... So cool...

It is hot, friends, in San Francisco. Surely this will raise the ire of those of you who endure what is referred to in the vernacular as "real weather," especially if you have been to San Francisco in the summer – so famous for dreary, cloud covered days and chilly nights that Samuel Clemens is famously misquoted as saying something about the coldest winter, etc, etc (he didn't say it, or so Snopes tells me).

Normally it is cold in San Francisco in the summer, and that cringeworthy Mark Twain misattribution gets bandied about like other un-truisms we at Chowbacca hold in disdain ("...sear the meat the seal in the juices...", "...MSG is bad for you...", "...reed avocados are bad for guacamole..."). On the other hand it's always fun to watch Joe and Jane Blow and their gaggle of adorable younglings here on summer break from Kansas shiver in their shorts, tee-shirts and flip-flops while those of us in the know huddle in our hoodies.

But not this summer, friends. No, this summer has been atypically hot, and even now that the sun has been down for hours I sit in front of my screen typing these words with a fine layer of sweat upon my brow.

No coincidence, then, that the shandy has gained in popularity along with the noble hard cider (and please, get a good European one, not that corn-syrup dreck they advertise on TV).

Crack a can, and pour it on ice. Summer is over in San Francisco, and as we all know, that just means it's going to get hotter.


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