Chowbacca! Approved: ECOlunchbox Three-in-One Food Container Set

Every kid can be hard on their things, and when those things go to school they take even more of a beating. Plastic is bad for people and the environment. It also breaks easily. After a load of research into alternative lunch boxes for my Wee Wonder, I landed on the ECOlunchbox.

This rugged lunchbox is a great bento-style design, 100% food-safe stainless steel, and through three years it has been thrown over the school fence by another kid, dropped, kicked, and abandoned to the wilds of the lost-and-found a few times. It survived it all with a few dignified blemishes and its two large (which I use for sandwiches, mini burritos, pizza slices, carrots and cut fruit, respectively), and one small, (for those juicy orange slices or her grandma's cranberry sauce), containers have been a snap to clean. When my original failed to make it home, I bought a second, as you'll see below.

Note: Since the ECOlunchbox is all-stainless steel construction, no plastic or rubber gaskets are used and therefore the ECOlunchbox does not completely seal. Be careful what you put inside. I'll be recommending a mini thermos soon that has served me well for years. When I send a thermos of soup along, however, the snack portion goes too with a rubber band to hold the lid in place. Simple.

Grandma has a backup ECOlunchbox at her house for school night overnights. The ECOlunchbox isn't just Chowbacca! Approved, it's grandma approved. You'd trust grandma, wouldn't you? Get an ECOlunchbox for the wee wonder in your life from Amazon now by clicking on the link at the top of the post, or get one for yourself. They're cool.


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