Chowbacca! Approved: Formaticum Cheese Paper

Are you losing wedge after wedge of delicious cheese to unappetizing mold grown through the inadequacies of cling film and zip-top bags? These storage methods not only waste your cheeses, they also stick around in landfills for a long time to come. If you love cheese and hate waste, cheese paper may come as a revelation.

A lot goes on with cheese while it's sitting in the cheese drawer of your fridge. It's trying to breathe. It's losing moisture. Cheese paper maintains your cheeses in their most flavorful state.

You could achieve similar results with an inner layer of waxed paper and an outer layer of cling film, and, granted, the potential savings are huge, but there are issues with this method. Contact with plastic changes the taste of the cheese and the outer layer should be scraped off before eating, wasting more cheese. Seriously, have you smelled cling film? It has a chemical reek. You don't want it next to your precious artisanal cheeses. Also, in the DIY method the waxed paper is allowing the cheese to breathe and wicking the moisture away. Meanwhile, isn't the plastic stench of the cling film wrapping also getting through? Formaticum Cheese Paper has a porous plastic inner layer, but it doesn't reek like plastic toys from China and allows your cheese to breathe freely.

Formaticum Cheese Paper comes in fifteen 11x14 inch sheets that can be cut to size. It covers a lot of cheese over a lot of time, trust me, and nine bucks is a small price to pay periodically to save your cheese from mold and the smell/taste of plastic. Oh, and get some rubber bands. While Formaticum Cheese Paper comes with handy sticky labels, they only work up to a point. Cheese Paper works so well that you'll want to savor each cheese to the last morsel. Do your cheese a favor. Get some Cheese Paper.

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