Chowbacca! Approved: Stainless Steel Chain Mail Cast Iron Scrubber

Chain mail. The stuff of LARP and legend. Now it's here to rescue your cast iron cookware from stuck-on bits and your cleanup from unnecessary drudgery. After years of fighting to get towels, scrapers, and bits of foil to remove food from my Lodge 12" cast iron skillet without stripping off my hard-won seasoning*, this chain mail scrubber from Hudson Essentials was a revelation.

Easy to use and easy to clean, this stainless steel scrubber even gets into those hard-to-reach grooves on my Lodge skillet cover, and cast iron grill pans as well as that elusive ring between the sides and bottom of my Lodge skillet. You won't need any soap to clean your cookware, just this scrubber and water to rinse. The chain mail scrubber has not only saved me hours of re-seasoning, but it's also kept me from wasting those bits of aluminium foil I once repurposed for the same task.

Cleanup is a snap. Simply rinse this 316L food grade stainless steel scrubber in soapy water and hang dry. It's also dishwasher safe.

Order yours now from with the handy link at the top while this labor saver is marked down from $24.99 to just $12.99! This stainless steel chain mail scrubber also makes a great gift for the cast iron user in your life.

* While Lodge Cookware comes pre-seasoned, I still add additional seasoning after purchase and cooking with these great pans creates additional layers. The more you strip away, the more you need to replace. I'll be talking seasoning cast iron in-depth in an upcoming post. Until then, grab one of these scrubbers while they're on sale.


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