Brunch Menu: Bar Angeles, Silver Lake, CA

Just around the corner from Sylvia Plath's Lovin' Oven is Silver Lake gastropub Bar Angeles, an Elliott Smith-themed "elevated dive bar" which is now serving BRUNCH. Yes, BRUNCH! Because Elliott Smith and BRUNCH fit together like glass blocks and a memorial wall.

Now, here's a peek at some of the tasteful BRUNCH items Bar Angeles will be featuring:

Everything Reminds Me of Herbed Potatoes

Son of Salmon

Some Eggs Benedict on the Hill

Either Bacon/ Or Sausage

Blintz #2

Pretty Mary Crêpe

Needle in the Hash

Quiche Crossing

Miss Muesli

All BRUNCH items are served with a glass of Coming Up Rosé.

Bar Angeles is located at ... oh, who cares?


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