Stupid Trader Joe's Tricks: Those Tiny Potatoes

You may have noticed the bags of tiny potatoes at Trader Joe's lately. I bought some on a whim one day and then was faced with cooking them. Now, I love roasted potatoes, but these things are so small that I had concerns about drowning them in oil or burning them. I was also looking for a crispy skin.

What I came up with was brining the wee spuds for a couple of hours and then roasting them without oil until nearly fork tender and then brushing them with oil at the finish. This gave me seasoned, crispy skins and firm interiors.

I did try adding some seasoning to the brine, as the picture above shows, but while I didn't taste the effect of anything but the salt, the potatoes still came out crisp and delicious. Maybe next time I'll herb the oil. Still, I was pleased with the resulting spuds. The process is a little extra time and effort, but it paid off.


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