Chowbacca! Approved: Pizza Gear

Pizza is something we at Chowbacca! take seriously. Well, not always, but most of the time. Through my years of making pizza at home, I've found that great gear helps make a great pizza-making experience. Here are my favorite pieces of pizza gear with handy links to their Amazon product page.

My unglazed, rectangular Emile Henry pizza stone is out of style, but I love the thing. Round and glazed is the new style, apparently. You can order one for yourself by clicking the link below, or you can go rectangular.

What else do you need for your pizza experience? Read on.

Well, you're going to want a peel. Don't let anyone sell you something fancy. Basic is best, and I went with wood. The metal peels scratch your stone. I have no recollection of where I purchased mine, but this looks like it.

You're also going to want a good cutter. I have always hated those old-school cutters with their long, awkward handles. The ZYLISS wheel was a revelation. Thanks, Mario Batali, for introducing me to this wonder. It even comes apart for easy cleaning.

Everyone's doing a wheel these days and for a good reason. Ask yourself why you're cutting down at a pizza instead of across it next time you use your traditional cutter. Then get a wheel. As I said, you have options. Get a ZYLISS below, or you can go Kitchy for a blade guard, or you can go OXO.

Other than these items all you'll need is some parchment paper, ingredients, and instruction. Now, go make a pie.


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