Squash Blossoms Are Back!

I received some zucchini blossoms this evening via Wee Wonder's trip to the farmers' market with her dear and generous grandmother. Since there hasn't been time for a garden (or the farmers' market, frankly) this year, and I didn't have a wealth of my own squash blossoms to play with, it was a most welcome gift.

Much can be done with squash blossoms. I could have stuffed them with bacon and mushrooms and then baked them. Unfortunately, I was out of (GASP) bacon and (ARGH) mushrooms. I could have filled them with ricotta and herbs and then deep fried them, but I was out of high-heat oil. I could have stuffed them, raw, full of goat cheese with blueberries, but, alas, I'd been making salads with that cheese all week, and it was gone.

I wasn't feeling like having a sandwich for dinner.

So, I just went for something simple. Along with some hydroponic butter lettuce and thinly-sliced apples, I served up the torn blossoms dressed with mirin, a bit of salt, and aged rice vinegar. Light and delicious.

I have some left over. Time for a trip to the store.


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