Let's Face It. It's the Heat AND the Humidity.

California's been unusually warm and muggy this week. The heat's one thing. I'm ready for the Santa Ana Winds when they come. This humidity, though. Ugh. I'd thought I'd left it in Ohio.

Since we rarely need our air conditioned, I don't own one of those wonderful window machines. Fans are only so much help. Time for the ice pack air conditioner to come to the rescue. I just take a large metal mixing bowl, add the ice packs that I keep in the freezer for the camping coolers and power outages, (Be Prepared), then put a fan behind it and aim it at the bed. It's like magic, I tell you. If you're not prepared, substitute ice cubes for the ice packs. Simple.

Oh, and I keep the freezer stocked with some old friends, too.


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